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October 20, 2018 DXRacer Gaming Chairs in Malaysia 0


In today’s life, most of the student or working adult spends tremendous amount of time in front of the computer whether in working, learning or entertainment. As you sitting in front of the computer for long hour, you are most probably in needs of getting a more comfortable chair like a gaming chair. DXRacer, is one of the most well known brands gaming chair and in fact it is the one of the brand that produce gaming chair in the early years since year 2006. There are few reasons why they are able to sustain high reputation brand in the market and those reasons might be one of yours to get one too.

1) Variety of Choice

One of the reasons that people look for DXRacer gaming chair, is that it offers variety of chair that suits different kind of body size. Unlike typical office chair, DXRacer do offer gaming chair that can support up to 180kg / 400 lbs, which means no matter what your body type size is, they have you covered and made you feel personal. Main problem of the typical office chair is the height of the back is low for taller people and there is no resting point for the neck. With DXRacer, taller people can choose the series with higher height of the back, which suits their height. Other than that, their gaming chairs features the best range of colours available compared to other gaming chair’s brands.

2) High Quality & Comfortability

DXRacer produces high quality gaming chair that able to provide good support to the important body area from neck to pelvis in order to sit for long hour. With the right support to the body, it tremendously enhances the comfortable level as well. Lower quality chair unable to provide good support to the body after sitting for long hour will leading to bad posture, which after might causing injuries to the body, such as lower back pain, stiff shoulder and uncomfortable back soreness.

3) High Customization

High customization is another reason why people choosing DXRacer. Their chairs allow user to adjust their backrest with 180° angle adjustment and adjustable armrest which other typical chair unable to do so. Besides that, DXRacer offer different kind of colors, materials and accessories to be chose from to match with your home or office décor as per your own liking. There are few types of material can be choose from, such as leather style vinyl, carbon look vinyl & PU cover, strong mesh and strong mesh & PU cover.

4) High Durability

Steel framework and high density foam are being used in DXRacer gaming chair to ensure high durability of the chair. Cheaper gaming chair and typical office chair usually have low foam density around 30kg/m³ while DXRacer offers at least 50kg/m³. The higher the foam density, it will not be deformed easily. This shows that they pays extra attention on the quality product they are offering to the market.

5) Shopping Guide

Can’t decide which one is suitable for you? Click here and refer to the shopping guide to decide! Once you have decided to buy, you can head over their official website in malaysia for purchase. Standard orders are shipped via Airpak Express/GDEX/SKYNET/POS Malaysia within 1-3 business day(s) after the order is made. They offer a lifetime warranty for the steel frame and also 2 years for chair parts excluding natural wear of PVC or fabric.

F-Series: This is the smallest, standard chair DXracer can offer. Height limit is 5’10”. Recommended for 5’8” and below weight below 81kg.

R-Series: Geared towards the taller, slender body type and the density is modest

K-Series: Targets larger and wider types of body – Max weight around 140kg. Recommended for 5’9”-6’2”.

T-Series: By far the largest and widest chair DXRacer has to offer  – Max weight around 200kg. Recommended for 6’1”-6’6”.

D-Series: This is a great chair for more cushioning and more padding on the side wings. However, if you are quite broad in the shoulders, it may not be best for you.

I-Series: Thick, but firm, padding in the seat and backrest.

O-Series: Blends in with the office environment. Unlike the normal office chair, this office series offers the ultimate level of luxury and comfort.

In a nutshell, DXRacer gaming chair is one of the brand you won’t regret buying it in Malaysia. Your body will thank you for that.


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